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summer 2014

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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is proud to announce the 2014 Summer Success Program at MNPS Virtual School v-Learners are taught by highly qualified, certified MNPS v-teacher-scholars. Each v-course has a real v-teacher who guides v-learners through the v-coursework, which is broken into modules. To deliver instruction v-teachers facilitate learning via the district’s learning management system (LMS) and other innovative instructional technologies. As v-students work through the modules of the v-course, v-learners connect with the v-teacher for refinement of learning and discussion-based assessments (DBAs) via phone, text, email, instant messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, etc.

Instruction at MNPS Virtual School is delivered predominately asynchronously and designed mirroring the collegiate virtual learning model.  This means that v-students and v-teachers access the v-course and participate at various times and need not be online simultaneously. We are not a synchronous virtual school with v-students and v-teachers logging into the v-course and interacting at the same time. This also means that v-students should expect a brief delay in v-teacher responses to inquiry or questions.  Potential v-students and parents should seriously consider if this teaching modality is the best method of instruction for the learner before enrolling in the summer success program.

Enrollment allows v-learners the opportunity to complete v-courses needed to earn a high school diploma during the summer. The 2014 Summer Success Program is a great way for v-students to catch up or get ahead in their high school career.  In-county and out-of-county v-students are able to enroll upon paying the noted tuition.  Enrollment is open for students in grades eight through twelve (8-12).   

Registration, Tuition, & Payment Options:

To enroll in the 2014 Summer Success Program simply click HERE. All tuition fees are due no later than Friday, May 23, 2014 to reserve your seat in the v-course and ensure enrollment. Note that your registration is considered incomplete until tuition is paid.  The tuition for a half-credit v-course is $199.00 for Davidson County residents.  Tuition for non-Davidson County residents is $399.00 per half-credit v-course.  Registration fees may be paid online by clicking HERE.  Onsite registration payments (check, cash, or money order) are also taken at MNPS Virtual School located at 4805 Park Avenue, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee 37209.  Before enrolling, please check with your school counselor to ensure that you need credit for the v-course you are enrolling in.  Please note that all registration payments are nonrefundable, no exceptions.

v-Course Catalog & Descriptions:

v-Course offerings for the 2014 Summer Success Program are included HERE. The following v-courses are slatted to be offered: v-Economics/v-Economics Honors, v-Lifetime Wellness (Fall & Spring), v-Personal Finance,v-Physical Education I & II, v-Spanish I (Fall & Spring), v-Spanish II (Fall & Spring), v-United States Government/v-United States Government Honors, and v-Sports & Entertainment Marketing.  Descriptions provide a deeper understanding of v-course content and learning objectives to assist during the registration or v-course selection process.

v-Course Orientation Requirement:

As a condition of enrollment and v-course access, v-learners must participate in the v-Course Orientation. v-Students NOT attending the orientation will be administratively dropped from the v-course WITHOUT a registration refund.  The v-Course Orientation will be held on Monday, June 9, 2014 at MNPS Virtual School for all summer v-courses.  We are located at 4805 Park Avenue, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee 37209.  The orientation schedule for specific v-courses is distinguished below:
  • v-Course Orientation from 9:00AM until 12:00PM for the following v-courses: v-Economics/v-Economics Honors, v-Personal Finance, v-Sports & Entertainment Marketing, v-United States Government/v-United States Government Honors.
  • v-Course Orientation from 1:00PM until 4:00PM for the following v-courses: v-Physical Education I & II,  v-Lifetime Wellness (Fall & Spring), v-Spanish I (Fall & Spring), v-Spanish II (Fall & Spring).

v-Students should arrive early to the v-Course Orientation and also bring a device that connects to the Internet.  That way the v-learner can test his or her login before leaving and to ensure v-course access.

Important Dates:

When deciding whether to take a v-course or not, please keep the below dates in mind and especially the mandatory events:


Important Event:

Monday, June 9, 2014

MANDATORY v-Course Orientation at MNPS Virtual School (9:00AM–12:00PM and 1:00PM–4:00PM)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

First v-Student Assignment Due Date

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Second v-Student Assignment Due Date

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day for v-Students to Complete v-Course and Take Virtual Final Exam with an 80% Cumulative Average IF Wanting to Take a Second v-Course

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Third v-Student Assignment Due Date

Sunday, June 29-Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Break Observed; MNPS Virtual School Closed; v-Teacher on Leave; No Assignments Due

Monday, June 30, 2014

Mid-Summer Progress Reports Sent to v-Parents/v-Guardians

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fourth v-Student Assignment Due Date

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fifth v-Student Assignment Due Date

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sixth v-Student Assignment Due Date

Monday, July 28- Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MANDATORY Virtual Final Exams Administered Daily at MNPS Virtual School  (10:00AM–12:00PM and 1:00PM–3:00PM)

Time Commitment:

v-Students should expect to work approximately 18-20 hours per week (per half-credit) in order to remain on-pace, complete the v-course successfully by the end of summer, and to receive credit.  v-Learners should seriously consider the time commitment and pace requirements before enrolling in the summer success program. 

Is Virtual Learning Right for You?

Students should consider whether they possess the attributes needed to be successful in a virtual learning environment.  Those attributes include the following: superior communication skills, self-motivation and discipline, time management, and general ownership for learning. Before enrolling please consider whether or not you have the attributes needed to thrive in this type of learning environment. 

No Partial Credit or Failed v-Course:

The summer success program is a choice program, tuition-based, with v-students not required to participate or complete.  v-Students not completing the v-coursework or taking the virtual final exam will NOT receive credit.  Additionally, v-students failing the v-course will not receive a failing or incomplete grade.  Only v-students successfully completing the v-course will receive credit.  It is the v-student’s responsibility to ensure v-course completion by the end of the summer.  Please note that no extensions are provided.  All tuition payments are nonrefundable when the v-student fails to complete the v-course. 

Want to Take More than One v-Course?

MNPS Virtual School limits summer enrollment to a half-credit (0.5) v-course.  However, v-students completing a half-credit v-course with an 80 percent cumulative v-course average by Friday, June 27, 2014 will be allowed to enroll in another half-credit v-course (to be completed during the remainder of the summer session).  v-Students hoping to complete the half-credit early should request an accelerated pacing guide from the v-teacher.  Additionally, v-students should plan to make an appointment at MNPS Virtual School at The Cohn School no later than June 27, 2014 to take the virtual final exam in a proctored setting.  In all instances, it is the v-student’s responsibility, not MNPS Virtual School’s, to make any and all arrangements to complete the v-course early.

Options for Middle School v-Students:

Incoming and outgoing eighth (8th) graders may elect to enroll in the summer success program and take a v-course for advanced high school credit. Families interested in this option should consult with the student’s assigned school counselor before enrolling to: (1) ensure advanced credit is appropriate, and (2) for help selecting an appropriate v-course.   

Planning to Transfer the Credit?

All virtual credits obtained at MNPS Virtual School transfer to any MNPS high school for graduation purposes. If planning to transfer outside of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, please contact the district/school in question to ensure that the v-course will be accepted upon transfer.    
Have Questions Regarding NCCA Eligibility?

If NCCA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) eligibility is a concern, please note that MNPS Virtual School has applied for NCCA eligibility.  However, approval is pending and not guaranteed at this time.  

Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding the 2014 Summer Success Program please contact us directly at (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3900. We hope that you choose to login and join us for a summer of v-learning. 

Interested in Enrolling as a Full-Time Student?

If you have questions regarding full-time enrollment please contact Mrs. Adrienne McNew, v-School Counselor, via phone at (615) 463-7482 (Ext. 3920) or via email to

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